My experience with Ather Electric Scooter

My Experience With Ather EV Bike

The daily travel to your work is getting affected by the fuel price hike. We all are bound to travel amidst this inflation. I am usually a two-wheeler lover. In the previous fortnight, the petrol and diesel prices hiked 13-14 times that makes it nearly 105rs/liter. I was hardly affected directly. Indirectly yes, as I have to bear the overall inflation due to this but Alas, I am saved with direct tap on backbone.

The decision I took a few months ago was indeed a handsome one that clearly shows I am a smart person who adjusts as time changes. I mean who wants to make a hole in his pocket each time while quenching the thirst of the petrol tank.

The automobile industry is undergoing massive technological chaos due to this petrol hike. Today, electric vehicles are the preferred option due to their inherent efficiency, which will shape urban commutes and future metropolises. Simultaneously, the world around us is becoming more connected, allowing device integration and making our life experiences more seamless. Intelligent electrical vehicles will transform our commute experience in the future, and the Ather is on the winning side of that reality.

The Ather scooter is not something you have already got your hands on!

I mean look at me. I was skeptical when I recapitulated my memory of my college days. I had a hero electric bike and every day I used to face funny incidents until I decided to let it go. Even then, the electric bike seemed to be a good option but on the cost of efficiency, which is a very big no. Our life is too fast to be riding on an inefficient scooter. So, when I finally got my Ather, I didn’t regret my decision. The scooter is now available in two versions. 450 and 450X both are sleek, stylish and up-to-date technology. I am using the 450 version and am a super happy user of this. The scooter works approximately 100-120 km on one charge and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.  I guess it will take a lot to ever compete with their explicit work.

Often the things people watch by turning around a hundred times come in a high budget as well as high maintenance. This is not just a common scooter in this term. Indeed people turn whenever I’m standing at a red light, yet it comes in approx. 1.25 lakhs on-road price and after that the efficiency you get is nowhere nearer to anything else. You don’t need to pay a high amount for petrol or even maintenance. The body is designed in a sleek manner and at the back, there is a metal handle that is strong enough to hold it if you feel scared on two wheelers.


New generation designing and features


Traditional flip-flappy footrests are commonly accessible on almost every modern range of scooters. Then why did these Ather engineers think about this little differently as they had a happy realization: there’s a constant struggle between the rider and the pillion to open and close the footrest? The pillion requires it, but it hurts the rider’s calf. If the back rider adjusts and folds his legs, then ouch, as the trip can bend your legs forever. I mean, aside from the jokes, it hurts. So, do the engineers have a mind for futuristic debate? How do we solve this problem for good? It has been integrated so that it blends in with the overall design. The flappy battles are totally a thing of the past. Having faced both the troubles as a rider as well as sitting at the back, I found Ather’s design different from the rest.

Installing charging point isn’t much of hassle

Charging is just the first thing they cater to. Would it be a worthwhile experience if I myself had to carry the responsibility of locating and installing a charger? I mean, the gas vehicles don’t have such a hassle. They simply buy it and find parking, but did you know that the first thing they checked after booking was whether they could handle all of this hassle on their own? When the Ather 450 arrives at my house, the charging station will be set up and ready to go. It added to my happiness.

Following pre-ordering, the first step would be to assess your location for the installation of the charging point, and the full payment would be taken only once it is confirmed that your parking is ready to welcome the Ather 450.

Screen is NEXGEN

When constructing anything really innovative, one must exercise extreme caution. So much effort has gone into making the touchscreen dash easy to use and completely non-distractive. As a touchscreen on a scooter is a revolutionary idea, as screens are still seen, but touch screens, no, not until today. As a result, you may need some time to get used to it. A touch screen on a two-wheeler sounds interesting. But, of course, it has its own set of problems. A good, high-quality touchscreen, like our phone, is highly responsive to even the slightest touch. In addition, accidental screen touches are unavoidable. These circumstances had to be considered. As a result, the Ather vehicles have been specifically designed to produce no undesired responses when touched mistakenly.

It carries not just you but the documents too

Another revolutionary idea is that you no longer have to struggle to find the saved documents on your phone or keep the originals or copies in the boot or dash, which is unavoidable to go to waste during the rainy season or bad weather. With the right technology, you can flash them with the touch of a button on the dashboard. Simply use the app to upload and save it to the scooter. A perfect fit for cities that are going digital. Which is just perfect to me and it has reduced my hassle to zero.

The timely travel partner

The scooter comes with a pre-installed navigator and the moment I leave my place or office I enter the address into the app, and it will be delivered to the scooter. When you arrive at the parking lot, it will be ready to take you to your chosen place. Time is a valuable asset. Isn’t that right?

The Ather scooter is just what you need. It’s like a one time investment.


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