Top 40 Wind Power EPC Companies in India



The wind power sector in India has significantly expanded, driven by technological innovations and a supportive regulatory environment. As a sustainable alternative, wind energy attracts substantial investment, leading to the growth of numerous Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms specializing in wind projects. Below is a comprehensive list of the top 20 wind power EPC companies in India, known for their technical expertise and project execution capabilities.

Disclaimer: The below list does not signify any rankings, rather just gives you an indication of some of the companies operating in this space. The Reader shall get in touch with the companies directly to understand the quality and capabilities of the companies before any purchase.

List of Top WInd Power EPC Companies in India

Top 40 Wind Power EPC Companies in India


The wind power sector in India is booming due to a supportive regulatory environment and technological advancements. The sector has attracted substantial investments, leading to the proliferation of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies that specialize in wind projects. Here’s an extended list of the top 40 wind power EPC companies in India, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of renewable energy in the region.

Adani Green Energy

Adani Green Energy is part of the larger Adani Group and is rapidly expanding its renewable portfolio, especially in wind, contributing significantly to India’s green energy capacity. Adani Green Energy

Renew Power

Renew Power has made significant strides in sustainability, becoming a leading developer of wind infrastructure with a focus on innovative and efficient energy solutions. ReNew Power

Greenko Group

Greenko Group integrates wind projects with their holistic approach to power generation, driving innovation and efficiency across their renewable operations. [Greenko Group](

K.P. Energy Ltd.

K.P. Energy is known for its sustainability focus, offering EPC services that enhance the efficiency and output of wind projects across diverse Indian terrains. KP Energy

Torrent Power

Torrent Power enhances its renewable sector presence by integrating wind energy projects into its generation portfolio, focusing on sustainable and efficient power solutions. Torrent Power

Avada Energy

Avada Energy focuses on green building practices, delivering eco-friendly wind power solutions that complement their solar ventures, emphasizing sustainability across their projects. Avada Energy

Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Suzlon Energy Ltd. is a frontrunner in the Indian wind sector, offering comprehensive solutions from turbine manufacturing to project execution. They excel in delivering turnkey projects and have a vast portfolio of installations across the country. Suzlon Energy

Gamesa Renewable Private Limited

Now merged into Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Gamesa continues to impact the Indian market with its durable wind turbines and extensive service network. They are known for their reliable EPC services and robust project execution strategies. Siemens Gamesa

Vestas Wind Technology India Pvt Ltd

Vestas leverages its global expertise to tailor highly efficient wind power systems for the Indian terrain, ensuring optimal energy generation with cutting-edge technology. Vestas India

Inox Wind

Inox Wind stands out in the Indian wind energy sector for its integrated approach, covering manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, which makes it a significant player. Inox Wind

GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy is noted for its strong R&D capabilities, offering some of the most sophisticated wind turbines and comprehensive EPC services that drive higher energy yields. GE Renewable Energy

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

This company provides tailored wind energy solutions in India, focusing on maximizing local wind resources with their high-performance turbines and experienced engineering. Siemens Gamesa

Enercon India Pvt Limited

Enercon India introduces environmentally sustainable technologies to the Indian market, emphasizing energy efficiency and ecosystem-friendly practices in all their projects. Enercon

Senvion India Pvt Ltd

Senvion delivers bespoke wind solutions in India, excelling in both onshore and offshore projects, and is recognized for their adaptable and innovative EPC services. Senvion

Regen Powertech Pvt. Ltd.

Regen Powertech is dedicated to sustainable energy technologies, providing robust EPC solutions that encompass design, construction, and maintenance of wind projects. Regen Powertech

Orient Green Power Company Ltd.

Orient Green Power focuses on maximizing energy output with minimal environmental impact, making them a leader in sustainable wind project delivery. Orient Green Power

Bharat Light and Power Pvt Ltd

Bharat Light and Power stands out with its innovative approach to wind power, offering solutions that leverage advanced analytics to optimize performance across their renewable projects. Bharat Light and Power

Hero Future Energies

Hero Future Energies is known for their visionary approach to renewable energy, managing extensive wind projects that underscore their commitment to sustainable development. Hero Future Energies

Mytrah Energy

Mytrah Energy has established a strong presence in India with its data-driven strategies for enhancing wind energy production and operational efficiency. Mytrah Energy

Continuum Wind Energy

Continuum Wind Energy is focused on long-term solutions, managing multiple high-capacity wind farms and emphasizing sustainable practices in all aspects of their operations. Continuum Wind Energy

Wind World India Ltd

Wind World India Ltd specializes in wind turbine manufacturing and comprehensive EPC services, playing a crucial role in advancing wind technology in India. Wind World India

IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited

IL&FS Energy is committed to the development of large-scale wind projects, contributing robustly to India’s wind energy sector with a focus on sustainability and innovation. IL&FS Energy

Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd.

Tata Power Renewable focuses on a diversified energy mix that includes wind, driving forward India’s renewable ambitions with comprehensive project capabilities. Tata Power Renewable

CLP India Pvt. Ltd.

CLP India, part of the CLP Group, has a significant renewable portfolio in India, particularly in wind, where they are committed to delivering high-standard EPC services. CLP India

NTPC Renewable Energy Ltd.

NTPC Renewable, leveraging NTPC’s vast experience in power generation, focuses on scaling up India’s wind energy capacity through proficient project execution. NTPC Renewable

JSW Energy

JSW Energy’s move into the renewable sector includes strategic investments in wind energy, aiming to bolster its green energy footprint across India. JSW Energy

Lanco Infratech Ltd.

Lanco Infratech continues to participate in the renewable sector despite financial setbacks, focusing on sustainable energy projects, including wind. Lanco Infratech

Azure Power

Azure Power excels in the development, construction, and operation of renewable projects, significantly focusing on expanding their wind energy projects to meet growing demands. Azure Power

Orange Renewable

Managed by AT Holdings, Orange Renewable develops and manages high-efficiency wind energy projects, providing complete EPC solutions that enhance renewable energy integration. Orange Renewable

Indowind Energy Limited

Indowind Energy is dedicated to renewable power, providing innovative EPC services for wind energy projects, focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. Indowind Energy

ReNew Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd.

ReNew Wind Energy, a subsidiary of ReNew Power, specializes in wind energy projects, aiming to lead in green energy production with state-of-the-art EPC practices. ReNew Power

PTC India Ltd.

PTC India supports the growth of wind energy through trading and funding initiatives, facilitating the development of robust and efficient wind projects nationwide. PTC India

Welspun Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Welspun Energy is a major player in the renewable sector, focusing on creating scalable wind energy solutions that align with global sustainability standards. Welspun Energy

Sravanthi Group

Sravanthi Group expands its energy production through renewable projects, particularly wind, aiming to contribute significantly to India’s sustainable energy future. Sravanthi Group

Leap Green Energy

Leap Green Energy is at the forefront of renewable innovations, focusing on developing and managing wind energy projects that cater to a sustainable future. Leap Green Energy

Sembcorp Energy India Limited

Sembcorp Energy, part of the international Sembcorp Industries, brings global expertise to its Indian operations, focusing on robust and sustainable wind energy projects. Sembcorp Energy

Simar Port Private Limited

Simar Port incorporates renewable initiatives into its portfolio, with a significant focus oninvesting and developing wind power projects that support energy diversification. Simar Port

Chettinad Group

The Chettinad Group’s foray into renewable energy emphasizes wind projects, combining energy production with sustainable practices to enhance their diversified business model. Chettinad Group

Omega Green Power Energy India

Omega Green Power is committed to the growth of renewable energy, particularly wind, offering comprehensive EPC services that drive project success and sustainability. Omega Green Power

EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables, a division of the global energy giant EDF, supports India’s renewable ambitions through expert-driven wind power projects, focusing on innovation and ecological sustainability. EDF Renewables

Wind Turbine Installation Services

Wind Turbine Installation Services form the backbone of the wind energy sector in India, involving skilled labor and advanced technology to erect turbines in diverse terrains. Companies specializing in these services ensure that the turbines are optimally placed to capture wind currents efficiently, crucial for maximizing energy output. They handle everything from the transportation of giant turbine components to the precise assembly on-site, adhering to strict safety and environmental standards.

Renewable Energy Project Management

Renewable Energy Project Management is critical for the successful deployment of wind power projects. This involves meticulous planning and execution to manage resources, timelines, and budgets effectively. Professionals in this field coordinate among various stakeholders, including engineers, environmentalists, and local communities, to ensure projects comply with regulatory requirements and achieve sustainability goals.

Wind Farm Development Contractors

Wind Farm Development Contractors play a pivotal role in transforming open lands and seascapes into power-generating assets. These contractors are tasked with the design and layout of wind farms, ensuring that each turbine is strategically placed to optimize wind capture and minimize environmental impact. Their expertise also extends to navigating the complex permit processes and managing the construction phase efficiently.

Wind Sector Engineering Services

Wind Sector Engineering Services encompass a range of technical activities, from initial wind resource assessment to the final design and maintenance of wind turbines. Engineers in this sector utilize cutting-edge software and tools to predict wind patterns and simulate turbine performance, which is vital for ensuring the efficiency and reliability of wind farms over their operational lifespan.

Wind Power Construction Projects

Wind Power Construction Projects involve large-scale operations that require robust coordination and advanced engineering techniques. These projects are not just about building infrastructure; they also involve significant groundwork to prepare sites, install massive turbine towers, and lay down electrical systems that connect the turbines to the power grid. Success in these projects depends on seamless integration of various construction phases and stakeholder management.

Sustainable Wind Systems Implementation

Sustainable Wind Systems Implementation focuses on developing wind power solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally and socially responsible. This involves selecting technologies and practices that minimize the ecological footprint of wind farms, such as using turbines that are designed to reduce bird collisions and implementing noise reduction technologies. Companies specializing in sustainable practices ensure that wind power remains a favored choice for green energy in the future.


This extended list of the top 40 wind power EPC companies in India highlights the vast and diverse capabilities within the country to harness wind energy. Each company contributes uniquely to India’s renewable energy landscape, driven by a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and technological advancement, ensuring a greener future.

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