Solar Panel Prices in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Erode

Solar Panel Price in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Erode

Using solar panels as an illumination source in places with no power has shown their effectiveness. Since there has been much discussion and debate about using greener forms of energy and lessening our reliance on nonrenewable resources, solar panels have become popular among consumers. Solar panels provide a wide range of advantages, from being environmentally friendly to saving money on electricity.

Before purchasing solar panels for your home or workplace, you must thoroughly understand how solar panels generate power and the numerous components that go into them.

Tips for Buying Quality Solar Panels

Before you go out and get solar panels, make sure you know the following:-

  • You may be able to find low-cost solar panels on the internet or in retail locations. You mustn’t lose sight of equality in the pursuit of reduced costs. You may check the internet marketplace for the most excellent solar panel pricing. Be on the lookout for the solar panel’s operational wattage, certifications, and the material it was made of.
  • Also, make sure you’ve calculated how many solar panels you’ll need to power your house or workplace. As a result, ensure adequate room for the solar panels to be installed. Choosing open areas without any shady areas is essential if you want to maximize productivity.
  • Watts measures the amount of power a solar panel can generate. The optimal time for producing 200 Watts of power in an hour is when the sun shines directly on the solar panel. For figuring out how many solar panels you need to purchase and install, this is a handy tool to have on hand.

What is the standard warranty for solar panels?

The longer warranty term, which may run anywhere from 10-15 years depending on the manufacturer, is one of the significant advantages of purchasing solar panels. In addition, a 25-year performance guarantee is offered by certain PV panel manufacturers. It’s also important to remember that storage batteries degrade quickly, so keeping an eye on their lifespan is essential.

As a result, the performance guarantee covers the quantity of solar power produced. In contrast, standard warranties only cover manufacturing problems such as mechanical wear and tear, broken cell connections, or loose junction boxes. The solar panels will be replaced or repaired if the manufacturer discovers any flaws. However, it is conceivable that your warranty may be voided if the panels have been deliberately damaged or if required solar panel maintenance has not been performed.

What Happens to Your Solar Panels in the Face of Extreme Weather?

Severe weather is of little consequence when it comes to solar panel upkeep. Even though PV panels generate less electricity in the winter, they continue to work. In areas with widespread snowfall, ensure the solar panels aren’t buried in snow for lengthy periods. As far as rain is concerned, solar panels can endure it due to their endurance.

Is it challenging to maintain solar panels?

Maintaining a solar panel, contrary to common opinion, is not difficult. Professional aid is always available if you don’t feel up to it. In addition, you should only buy PV panels from reputed companies like Luminous, known for their high-quality, long-lasting products. But don’t forget to follow the simple guidelines for solar panel upkeep.

India’s Solar Rooftop Benefits

  • Net-metering is an option:

Net-metering systems on solar rooftop models are being offered in several Indian states, allowing consumers to sell surplus energy back to the grid. With this strategy, customers not only learn to be more energy self-sufficient, but they also get additional revenue.

  • It saves money:

When compared to industrial and commercial power, rooftop solar is incredibly cost-effective. Compared to Descom’s prices, the tariff rates are up to 25% less expensive. Additionally, the rooftop solar concept benefits the residential sector since it may send power directly to their homes through the grid. Using this strategy is more cost-effective in terms of tariff rates and may also be more stable in the long term.

Rooftop solar systems have become more prevalent in India’s commercial and industrial sectors. The RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Company) model is the primary driver of demand since it enables customers to take advantage of cheaper tariffs than grid tariff rates without paying any upfront capital investment. This strategy’s successful implementation has been placed in high and low-rise structures throughout India.

  • Improves accessibility in hard-to-reach areas:

Unfortunately, India’s urban and rural regions aren’t the only ones without reliable energy. Rooftop solar models are the most cost-effective and stable power source in these locations since they are less hazardous than other options, such as diesel generators, which are more expensive.

  • It makes the most of what’s already there:

Installing solar panels and associated equipment often requires a substantial quantity of land. Instead of purchasing more land, solar panels are installed on a building’s roof, making rooftop solar a more cost-effective option. In addition, the panels protect the roof of the structure or industrial shed where they are erected.

  • Easy to maintain:

Because it doesn’t use any moving components or fuel, the rooftop solar model has minimal yearly maintenance and recurrent cost. Off-grid systems only need yearly module maintenance and battery replacement every three to five years.

  • Energy from renewable sources:

Solar rooftop systems offer much fewer environmental hazards than other forms of electricity. Electricity is generated without hazardous gases, and there is no noise. As a result, switching to a rooftop solar power system helps the environment by lowering carbon emissions.

Solar Panel Prices in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Erode

75-watt Solar Panel

Each piece costs about Rs 4,000.

100 Watts of Power from a Solar Panel

Rs 4,200 per piece, on average

150 Watts of solar power

Rs 6,000 per piece, or about

Solar Panel with 325 Watts of Power, Mono Crystalline

The price of each piece is around Rs. 8,125.

Final Thoughts, It would set you back roughly Rs. 7500/- to buy a basic 250W panel. Also, a conventional inverter will not work with a solar system; a solar inverter is required.

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