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solar companies in Calicut ,Kerala

Solar energy is gained from radiation emitted by the sun. The energy produced from sun can be converted into both heat and electricity. There are plenty of benefits of using solar energy; most importantly, it is freely available. With technological advancement today, we can harness the power of solar energy in many ways.

What is solar energy?

The sun is considered one of the incredible power resources, and it is renewable as well. Solar energy has the power to offer life on earth by providing sustainable energy to its inhabitants. Energy from the sun is nothing but the radiation from the sun, which has the power to produce heat resulting in chemical reactions, and it can even produce electricity. Solar energy available on our planet is vastly in excess compared to the anticipated and current energy requirements in this world.

How much solar energy do you need for a house?

To find how much solar energy needs a house or how many solar panels are needed, we need to find the monthly energy consumption of an average home in Calicut.  After that, we can divide the average consumption by monthly solar energy generation in the area. Then, we can estimate the kilowatt of solar energy required to power an average house. Finally, if we divide the same by the wattage of single solar panels, we can count the number of solar energy panels needed to control a house.

In India average household’s monthly power consumption is estimated to be 250 kWh. Hence 2.3 kWh solar energy, or on a moderate seven solar panels of 330 watts, is needed for an average house in India.

How much money can you save using solar energy?

It is possible to save at least 600 units every month by utilizing solar energy for power needs in a household. So, around ₹6000 can be held every month if a 5-kW solar system is installed.

What is the cost of solar panels in Calicut?

The prices of solar panels vary based on the functions, features they are designed with, and even the material they are made up of. Apart from that, the price also depends on power consumption. On average, in Calicut, a solar panel’s worth with a wattage range of 40W-335 W falls between Rs. 2650 to 14, 500. Some companies even offer solar panels for Rs. 2200 to 9420 with a wattage range of 50W-330W.

There are majorly three types in the solar system—Hybrid, on-grid, and off-grid. If you choose a 5kW solar system, it is available in all three types. On the other hand, if you go for a 5kW solar system, the complete system is available for 1.5 Lakh- 4 Lakh, which comes with a solar structure, solar inverter, solar panels, batteries, and accessories.

How much energy can I generate daily using solar?

Daily in India, the solar power plant can generate 0.30 kWh per m2 land area. That can be estimated to be 1,400–1,800 peak capacity operating hours in the entire year, considering the availability of commercial-proven technology.

What is the subsidy for domestic solar installation in Kerala?

The Kerala State electricity board launches a subsidy for solar installation in Kerala. People can avail of up to 40% subsidy, applicable for rooftop solar panels. The Kerala government has released two models with different objectives and benefits.

Soura Solar Subsidy Panel Model 1: In this model, the consumer has to pay only a part of the entire installation cost occurred for the solar panel. KSEBL bears the remaining cost ill. Based on the investment, the consumer will be eligible for part of the generated energy from the solar plant. There will be options to choose from, and consumers can choose depending on their average monthly electricity consumption.

Soura keeps solar subsidy Panel Model 2: If the consumer is ready to bear the whole expense of solar panel installation, he can go for this model. In this case, he will be eligible to consume the entire power generated from the solar plant. Moreover, if the consumer chooses this model, he can avail of up to 40% of the plant cost in a subsidy depending on the solar plant capacity.

Top 7 solar installation companies in Kerala

In Kerala, you can find the best companies for solar installation. Some of them are ILLUMINE Energy Solutions, Sunsenz Solar by Moopens Energy Solutions, Galion Watts – RENEWABLE, The Future Of ENERGY, Thapas Energy – Solar, Go green solar private limited, Sedna Energy Solutions, and Comorin Solar.

ILLUMINE Energy Solutions:

They undertake engineering, designing, documentation, product procurement, maintenance, and installation of solar power plants. Illumine energy solutions is completely focused on project sales through Energy auditing and turn key solutions. They help customers to perform profitable investments.

Sunsenz Solar by Moopens Energy Solutions:

 This is one of the leading solar power solutions companies in Kerala. They offer best quality solar products and services and highest quality solar installations. In Kerala Sunsenz Solar is the premium renewable energy solution provider focusing primarily on Solar Power Plant installation.

Galion Watts – RENEWABLE:

 Galion Watts is ISO certified solar installation solution available in Kerala. With more than 100 installations in Kerala Galion Watts has plenty of satisfied customers across the state. They are experienced in both commercial and residential solar plant installations.

Thapas Energy – Solar:

 When it comes to Solar Panel distribution and installation services, Thapas Energy is one of the leading companies in Kerala. In last few years the Thapas Energy team has accelerated the technological and commercial evolution in solar solutions. They have covered over 6 Megawatts of installations throughout Kerala.

Go green solar private limited:

 This company has outperformed all expectations when it comes to solar panel installations and solutions. They have installed Panasonic HIT panels which are extremely sleek and proved highest energy production in their installations. Go green solar private limited is one of the experts available in Kerala for solar plant installations.

Sedna Energy Systems:

 They are one of the best companies in solar installations and they place highest importance for customer satisfaction. Sedna is one of the top clean and green technology solutions in Kerala.

Comorin Solar:

They are highly committed in solar energy installation and became energy and environmental leader in the state. They have developed high performance solutions for Solar and Energy efficiency.

Above are some of the best and leading solar installation companies in Kerala. They are famous for providing the best quality solar products, services, and solar installations.


Solar panels absorb sunlight and then convert the absorbed energy into a consumable form o electric current. Solar energy is the best to use since it is freely available worldwide. The best part of using solar power is that solar energy can be stored using batteries and hence solar electric systems are independent of the utility grid. Hence solar systems are cost-effective and can be utilized even in remote locations.

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