Top Solar water Pump Price in India & Top 10 Suppliers

Solar water pump price in INdia

Solar energy is one of the most reliable renewable sources of energy. The sunlight  is converted into electrical energy by photovoltaic cells. Solar energy is used in solar light, solar cooker, solar water pump, etc.

The agriculture system in India is heavily dependent on monsoon for irrigation. Diesel generated pumps cause pollution, hence Solar water pumps are boon to the agricultural sector. Solar water pumps convert solar energy into electrical energy. It drew surface or groundwater for irrigation.

Read the full article to know about solar water pump prices in India and their top suppliers.

Price of solar water pump in India

Solar water pump companies in india

Since, solar water pumps need low maintenance, durable, noise free and efficient. It’s highly demanded in the modern agriculture sector.

The price range of solar water pumps varies according to horsepower (HP), type, brand, rating etc. It starts from 1HP at Rs. 87,000 to 10HP at Rs.6 lakh.

Let’s look at standard price range of solar water pump in India from 1HP to 10HP

  1. 1HP solar pump – Rs.75,000 – Rs.90,000
  2. 2HP solar pump – Rs.1,50,000 – Rs.1,80,000
  3. 3HP solar pump – Rs.1,60,000 – Rs.2,50,000
  4. 5HP solar pump – Rs.2,00,000 – Rs.3,50,000
  5. 7HP solar pump – Rs.2,50,000 – Rs.5,00,000
  6. 10HP solar pump – Rs.4,00,000 – Rs.7,00,000

Top 10 suppliers of solar water pump in India

Installing a solar pump needs huge investment. We have provided a list of top 10 suppliers of water pumps in India below. The water pumps of these companies are standard and highly efficient.

1.Tata Power Solar Pump

Tata is one of the trusted suppliers of solar water pumps. They provide both a DC and AC range of solar water pumps. These pumps are also available at subsidized rates through the PM-Kusum scheme. They have installed approximately 50,000 solar water pumps across the nation till now.

2.Shakti Solar Pump

Shakti pumps are pioneers in the field of solar water pumps. They claim to be 40% more efficient than any other solar pumping set. The motors of Shakti solar pump are highly efficient which increases its life span upto 25 years. It’s made up of durable tempered glasses which reduces the risk of damage.

Solar water pump HP in India

3.Falcon Solar Pump

Falcon is a manufacturer of world class pumping sets. It’s known for efficiency, durability and most advanced technology. Falcon products are acknowledged in the market for their standard quality.

4.Amrut Solar Pump

Amrut solar energy is one of the top in photovoltaic technology. They provide the best solution to solar water pumping. Their solar water pumping set ranges between 1HP to 50HP. Their products are highly efficient and durable which provides more water for irrigation.

5.Crompton Solar Pump

Crompton solar pumps come with exciting features like easy installation, long life warranty, stainless steel body and many more. These solar pumps can be installed for domestic and industrial use. They provide both AC and DC range of solar water pumps. These pumps can withstand harsh operating conditions.

6.Lubi Solar Pump

Lubi solar company is known for its A-grade solar cells. Its solar water pump is the most popular product.It comes with a robust design made with galvanized steel. Its conversion efficiency is 98%. They provide both a solar submersible water pump and solar surface water pump.

7.Waaree Solar Pump

Waaree solar pump is an affordable option which makes it appealing. Its lightweight and compact size increases its charm among the farmers. It has automatic protection against high/low voltage. Maintenance cost is quite low.

8.Texmo Solar Pump

Aqua group is the maker of Texmo solar pumps. It is one of the preferred solar water pumps in India by the farmers due to its robust design. Its design is completely based on farmers convenience who can start early in the morning and work till late in the evening. They provide solar pumps for domestic as well as industrial purposes.

9.Oswal Solar Pump

The OSSL series of Oswal solar water pumping sets is designed to produce eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions to irrigation. It provides high wear resistance and anti-corrosion in nature. Operating conditions include: Max. Liquid Temp. – 45°C,Water pH Value – 6.5-8.0, Max.Quantity of Sand – 50gm/m³, etc. Its High efficiency and longevity reduces the running cost.

10.KBL Solar Pump

KBL solar water pump supplies water from small to large farms, domestic to industrial need without worrying unstable power cuts. It comes with an inverter and high quality reliable pump.It cuts off the electricity cost and increases efficiency of irrigation.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.Does a solar water pump be more expensive than a normal pump?

Yes, a solar water pump is more expensive than a normal water pump. It’s only a one time investment. Later, it cuts the cost of electricity bills.

2.What capacity of solar water pump is required for a 5 acre field?

Generally, it depends on groundwater level and type of pump and irrigation system used. For a 5 acre field, a pump of 7.5HP is sufficient.

3.What are the types of solar water pumps?

There are various types of solar water pump available based on its classification. Primarily, it is of two types – surface pumps ( AC & DC), submersible pumps ( AC & DC).

4.Which pump is better: AC or DC pump?

Although DC pumps are highly efficient and inverters are not required. The cost of a DC pump is higher and maintenance is a little difficult in rural areas.

5.Does a government subsidy be available on solar water pumps?

Yes, both the central and state government provide subsidies on installation of solar water pumps under various schemes.

6.Does the efficiency of solar water pumps be affected by the seasons?

Yes, the efficiency is affected by the seasons. It is more efficient in summers due to more availability of sunlight then winters.

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