Green Hydrogen projects announced in India

Challenges in Green Hydrogen

India has announced the Green Hydrogen Policy in early 2022 aiming to produce 5 million metric tones of Green Hydrogen annually to meet its carbon emission targets.

Many Indian companies have started gearing up in developing the required infrastructure for this market. Every one seems to be in a rush and are announcing JVs with other experts in the field and signing MOUs with various state governments.

The government of India aims to create India has the manufacturing hub of green hydrogen in the world.

Green Hydrogen Projects announced in India.

The below table lists the total Green Hydrogen projects announced in India so far.

DateCompany LocationInvestment
Jan 2022Reliance Power75 billion USD
April 2022GreenkoAndhra Pradesh
Nov 2021Adani70 billion USD
May 2022GAil IndiaGuna MP
July 2021IOCLMathura
Sep 2021IOCLKerala100 Cr
Dec 2021NTPCSimhadhari AP
Dec 2021NTPCLeh Laddakh
Jan 2022L&T
April 2022L&T
Dec 2021BPCL
May 2022REnew
June 2022ACMEKarnataka6.9 billion USD
Jan 2022JSW

India’s 4GW Offshore wind Tenders crucial for Green Hydrogen

India, along side the green hydrogen rush has also announced its interest towards offshore wind in India. the country has announced that it will auction 4GW of shore wind power in India later in 2022.

The green hydrogen projects becomes more viable with offshore wind projects as the Hydrogen projects shall be set out around the coastline due to the electrolysis process.

Setting a solar project near the coastline will have maintenance cost due to the saline nature of atmosphere which increase corrosion and other related problems to solar panels.

Offshore wind is the perfect solution for rapid scale up of the growth of Green Hydrogen in the country.

With such investments planned in the country to ramp-up the renewables capacity, and the cost of renewables at such low levels, the country will not be keen on introducing a relatively expensive and new source of power to the energy mix of the country, unless it has specific reasons.

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